Different Types of Septum Rings

Nose piercing is the second-most popular type of piercing. Of all the spots on the nose, people choose to pierce the septum most often. If you’re wondering why this is the case, a simple answer is that it looks nice.

This type of piercing allows you to wear nose rings of all shapes and sizes.

Bone Stud Nose Ring

The best thing about this type of septum rings is that it is fairly easy to put on and take off. On top of that, bone stud nose rings look nice and you can choose from a variety of sizes in order to match your face and nose shape.

bone stud nose ring
bone stud nose ring

When it comes to design, what most people pay attention to are the end parts which may feature gems.

Horseshoe Septum Ring

This type of jewelry is what probably every person with septum piercing owns. The reason for that, apart from looking good, is that it’s fairly easy to put on a horseshoe septum ring.

horseshoe septum ring
horseshoe septum ring

Speaking of the design, this ring comes in all shapes and sizes, meaning that everyone can find one for them.

Septum Ring Hoop

The hoop is very similar to the horseshoe ring, the only difference being that it goes full circle. When it comes to the popularity, septum ring hoop owes it to the fact that it comes in all shapes, from basic to extravagant.

septum ring hoop
septum ring hoop

Choose Quality Material over Beautiful Design

When it comes to choosing a septum ring, the most important rule to remember is not to put design over quality. No matter how beautiful a ring may look, do not buy it unless it’s made of good materials.

By good, we mean those that won’t cause allergic reactions nor interfere with your skin. Our recommendation is to get rings made of stainless steel, titanium, etc. If you have a septum piercing for a long time already, you can even choose a golden ring.

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