The Risks Of Self-Piercing Your Septum

Septum piercings are very popular and many people choose them. However, it is important to think about your health and make it the most important aspect when deciding to have your body pierced.

You are penetrating your body with a sharp instrument, creating a gateway for the bacteria. You can get infected with different bacteria very easily and this is the reason why you should take piercing very serious.

You should go to a pro

It isn’t recommended to pierce your septum, or any other part of your body at home, by yourself. A piercing specialist knows how to choose the ring and the place where it will go best, he knows his hygiene and he will follow strict rules. When you get your septum pierced in a piercing parlor you can be sure that everything will go as planned. You will avoid infections and contaminations and this is a very serious deal.

However, if you choose to pierce it by yourself, know that you have to pierce just the cartilage, to avoid bleeding and to use a sharp and sterile needle.

Never use unwrapped needles or other objects, because you can get infected and even catch serious disease, like hepatitis or HIV.

The septum can get infected very easily

Another aspect that you should remember is the fact that your septum can get infected very easily and to avoid this you should choose a ring that is dedicated for new piercings and gold is a great choice. Also, remember to keep it clean and remove the crusts with salty water.

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