What to Do if You Are Experiencing Pain after Septum Piercing?

After earlobe piercing, those done on the nose are the most common type of piercings. People who decide to do a nose piercing usually decide to go with septum piercing, not only because it looks nice but because it’s less painful than most other types.

Still, that doesn’t mean in some cases pain won’t happen.

How’s It Done?

In this case, the nose cartilage that separates two nostrils is not pierced, but the thin part of the skin below it. By using a needle, the piercing artist creates an incision in that part.

While piercing the septum, you are bound to feel some pain, which should be bearable. Some people don’t even feel the pain while doing the septum piercing, but in most cases this procedure causes eyes watering. This isn’t because of the pain, but because triggering a nervous response.

The heeling time is between 2 and 4 months, but the first 2 weeks are the most important. In that period, your nose will become sensitive and some pain might occur. In fact, you’ll probably feel discomfort even while blowing your nose.

Septum Piercing Pain and Discomfort

One of the most common problems that people with septum piercing experience is itching. Usually, this can be avoided with a proper aftercare, which involves cleaning the piercing with a sea salt solution, using clean cotton wool, and avoiding touching the wound with your bare hands.

If you don’t follow these aftercare instructions, the annoying itching can easily turn into serious pain. That’s why it’s of extreme importance to properly take care of the piercing since the day one.

Another type of discomfort that you might experience with your septum piercing is an infected keloid. Unlike pain and itching that may be caused by improper treatment, you are not to be blamed if keloids appear. They develop as products of your body’s reaction to the piercing.

This problem will fade away with time, but if it causes you pain, the most important thing is to keep the wound clean.

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